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Estate taxes will rob your family of money & your legacy!
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This book was written specifically for North America’s baby boomers — you know who you are, but if you don’t that’s the lot of you born between 1946 and 1964. You are between 56 and 74 years old this year. Your generation has the resources required to change the face of philanthropy and have the most significant impact ever on giving. Without proper planning, estate taxes will rob you of your money and legacy. Big Impact Giving will show you how a zero tax estate is possible allowing your to leave a bigger legacy for your family and causes that matter most to you.

Learn the secrets to Big Impact Giving today. There are key steps in making your big impact in life. Giving takes commitment, connection, a plan and smart implementation. This book contains all you need to know about giving in a way that is simple and entertaining. GROW your charitable impact, GET involved, GIVE more to charity & leave more to your family!
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Mike Skrypnek  is recognized as Canada's leading authority on strategic legacy giving and is an expert in guiding families to to realize a bigger impact in their lives and beyond. He has delivered motivational presentations for the millionaire next door, entrepreneurs, financial planners, charities and their donors. Speaking to audiences of 20 to 200 he has entertained, inspired and motivated thousands of people to consider a gift in their will. 

In the last decade he has helped families re-direct $12.5 million to charitable causes while saving them over $5.1 million estate and current income taxes. Mike's Big Impact Giving process makes estate and legacy planning purposeful. 
  What People Are Saying:
"...a clear path for making a positive difference!"
"We will all be remembered for one of two things. The problems we created when we were alive or the ones we solved. If you wish to be in the latter group, Mike's Big Impact Giving will show you how. Consider this book...a step by step guide..."
Keith Thomson - Canadian Director, The Donor Motivation Program(TM) 

"...a giving heart...and subject matter expert!"

"..Mike has a giving heart and I would consider him a subject matter expert in the area of strategic and planned giving." 

Darcy Hulston, - CEO Canoe Financial 
"...Big Impact Giving is a quick and easily understood guide!"

"...In my over 30 years management experience Mke would rate in the top three best consultants I have ever worked with. His book, Big Impact Giving, is a quick and easily understood guide that Canadian baby boomers can put to work today in their legacy planning."
Dan Holinda, CEO Canadian Cancer Society, Southern Alberta/N.W.T.
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